Thermoformers still growing

This week Plastics News publishes our annual ranking of North American thermoformers.

We’ve got data for 227 companies. Let’s take a peek at some of the numbers behind the ranking.

Our ranking includes nearly $12.5 billion in North American thermoforming sales, a 5 percent increase over last year’s totals. Continuing the growing trend.

For the packaging firms responding, 65 percent had an average increase in sales of 15 percent.

For industrial thermoformers responding, 30 percent had increased sales at a significantly higher rate of 30 percent.

The cost of the top three resins were up an average of 10 percent per pound.

Lets go back in time and compare price per pound to this year:

In February 2015 polystyrene was higher by 2.2 percent, polyethylene was lower by 15 percent and ABS was higher by 6.8 percent.

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