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Revere® Packaging offers a complete range of plastic packaging selections that include: clamshell and hinged plastic containers; two-piece containers; shallow, deep, heat seal and inner trays; plastic bowls, pie carriers and caterware. We also offer a wide variety of plastic lids.

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Revere® Packaging offers an expansive line of Pie Pans, Pie Savers (two-piece – top and bottom), and Pie Carriers, including multiple sizes and depths of pizza pans, oblong, square and loaf pans and lids, entrée pans and lids, pie pans, and specialty pans.

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Product Categories | MarketsBakery (incl. Pie Makers)Food ProcessingSchoolsAirlinesSupermarketsCandyFood Service
Plastic Hinged/ClamshellXXXX
Plastic Two PieceXXXX
Plastic Container LidsXXXXXX
Plastic Lids for Aluminum TrayXXXXXX
Plastic Shallow TraysXXXXXXX
Plastic Deep TraysXXXXXX
Plastic Heat Seal TraysXXXXXX
Plastic Inner TraysX
Plastic BowlsXXXXX
CPET Dual Ovenable TraysXXXXXX
Plastic CaterwareXX
Plastic Pie CarriersXXXX
Aluminum Tart PansXXXX
Aluminum Pie Pans and Dome LidsXXXX
Aluminum Pie Pans and Dome LidsXXXX
Aluminum Pizza Pans and Dome LidsXXXX
Aluminum Oblong, Square and Loaf Pans and LidsXXXXX
Aluminum Entrée Pans and LidsXXXX
Aluminum Steam Table Pans and LidsXX
Aluminum Specialty ItemsXXXX