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IQMS ERP System Launch

IQMS ERP System Launch

Revere Packaging is excited to announce that they are moving to the highly acclaimed IQMS ERP system. Since the acquisition of Plastic Package, Inc., Revere has been operating their business under two very different systems making it extremely difficult to efficiently run their day to day business and service their customers appropriately. CEO Mike Miller states, “this is one of the biggest moves we’ve made at this point to bring us to being ONE COMPANY focused on superior customer service and continuous improvement”. IQMS is considered to be the premiere ERP system for the plastics industry. Revere Packaging plans on going live sometime in July 2019 company wide. Miller states, “we are all very excited about what this means to the company and how it’s going to enhance our ability to focus on what’s important day in and day out.”

Check out the IQMS video attached to see just a little bit of what has Revere Packaging so excited.


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