Custom Design

Personalized Packaging Solutions

As a leading full-service food packaging company,

Revere provides custom food packaging solutions to meet all of your unique packaging challenges. Revere’s custom packaging solutions and custom aluminum and plastic containers rise to every challenge; solving all your design, manufacturing and supply chain issues.

Design Technologies

Our process begins with your product vision. Revere  designers utilize SolidWorks and other powerful programs to help you conceptualize your package design. We then model your product in our drawings. Our sales representatives work hand in hand with our expert design and tooling team to ensure the proper design for your package. We always provide production samples (prototypes) prior to your first order so everything is designed to your exact specifications.

Rapid Prototypes

Revere uses 3D printing technology to create prototypes for clients, usually within two weeks. This design model is then used to print a sample of the final packaging, providing you the  confidence that your specialty Revere® packaging will completely satisfy your customers.


We’re material neutral. That means Revere® Packaging will  provide you with the best material option for your product. Our strategic domestic and global supply sources provide us the ability to offer a variety of material solutions to create your perfect package. Material options include virgin, industrial recycled and post-consumer recycled plastics. Bio-based materials and a variety of color options for our custom aluminum and plastic containers are also available. Whether you need a sustainable, printed or more cost-effective choice, we work with you to find the right fit for your custom food packaging solution.