American Licorice Co.

May 27, 2018

“When one finds a Supplier that is as much Partner as vendor, that partner should be valued. We have such a ‘partner’ in Revere Packaging. Revere is a supplier of a significant portion of the PET and OPS tray requirements for one of our two major brands as we compete in the challenging CPG arena. For as long as we have been doing business; from sales, to design, to documentation, to timely and quality production, as well as to the handling of the oh- so- infrequent hiccups that inevitably occur in business, Revere Packaging has been professional, proactive, and overall a top tier supplier.

We appreciate the honest sincere approach and personal touch of this modest sized yet quite capable partner, and know that their efficiency offers us very competitive pricing as well.

Supply chain life would be much easier if all our suppliers were of Revere Packaging’s quality.”

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, American Licorice Co.

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